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This move would reflect a Government commitment to creating sustainable communities and would ensure that the planning system provides the foundation for the continued sustainable growth and development of the country. Local authorities should have more powers of active land management with a central fund allowing local authorities to assemble and invest in vacant or underutilised sites, whether through compulsory purchase or funding essential infrastructure.

The Cork Rural Design Guide

Initiatives such as revolving infrastructure funds which pay upfront for infrastructure with the investment recouped through levies or land sales - should be considered. Commitment should be given to ramping up recruitment if planning delays are to be averted and the current opportunities for economic growth not missed. Whilst the review is welcome and timely in the context of the projected increase in construction activity in future years it is important to say that change should not occur for the sake of change.

We see the establishment of an independent Office of the Planning Regulator as a fundamental catalyst in restoring public confidence. A properly staffed independent regulatory body remains the best way to ensure that the planning system remains focused and operational for the benefit of society and not for individual gain. It is this type of depth that the planning authortities are currently asking for; below is a screen-grab from the Mayo Rural House Guide with their recommendations:.

Rural Design Guide by GM Design

We are currently working on a house where the resulting depth is 6. It then got me thinking to what our own house was.

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In fact these constraints are encouraging good design based on proportions and scale that are familiar in the Irish rural landscape. For further reading check out the following Council Rural House Guides more are available — these are the areas I work in.

Hey Mark! As a result, the cost of providing these services is increased. The increased cost of service provision to one-off houses must be paid either by the householder or absorbed by the service provider.

Comhairle Chontae Uíbh Fhailí

In the latter case, The Irish Planning Institute has referred to this cost transfer as a subsidy. The same report identified other subsidies to one-off housing as: school transport, rural road maintenance, increased costs when upgrading national roads, environmental costs from pollution due to septic tanks, and uneven application of social and affordable housing levies between urban and rural houses.

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By contrast, supporters of one-off housing speculate that subsidies may be paid by rural taxpayers whenever large infrastructure projects are constructed by the state in Dublin from central exchequer funds. Who has paid for the infrastructure projects on the east coast, such as Luas, the port tunnel and other large-scale multi-million pound projects?

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However, other commentators see one-off housing as actually undermining efforts to deliver national infrastructure, and unambiguously transferring costs to urban and suburban dwellers. Economist David McWilliams writes [17].

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So who pays? The worker who has abided by the laws, who has bought a place in a town or a village and who is not lucky enough to inherit land. It posits the following: where utility lines, pipelines and post are already delivered to a house at the end of a valley, then there can be no argument against ribbon development on the road leading to that house.

It must be said that this argument has an initial attractiveness to it. In other words a whole new infrastructure would be required to accommodate the addition of three or four houses on the road going into the valley. Even where the services leading to the house at the end of the valley have untapped capacity, the previously expressed criticisms of urban-focused one-off housing are not displaced.


Rural Sprawl

The postal company still has to serve an additional three or four houses using a van or car. Household wastes are more expensive to collect or treat, and so on. Finally, the house at the end of the road into the valley is likely to be connected with a farming or forestry concern.

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It generates comparatively few traffic movements as compared with commuter-focused housing. The implication of this argument is that permitting one-off housing sustains rural populations by making it economically feasible for people to live in rural areas.

Irish House Plans Mod084 Interior movie

There are two counter-arguments: that one-off housing draws people out of rural towns and villages, stifling the growth of these regions, [19] or else that population growth is not desirable in 'ultra-rural' areas that ought rather to become natural recreational areas with land-owners employed in land-maintenance, forestry and tourism-related services.