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I desperately want to know what happens to Romana and Acheron, to Lysander, to the young warrior trying to find his sister. I can't wait to read more! In short, highly recommended for anyone looking for a lush, science fiction, gothic romance. Or a shot in the arm, and innoculation against all the other boring romances out there.

Strange and Ephemeral It wasn't a bad story. Just very confusing.

"шутиха" in English

I could never grasp what caused a tear and what didn't. One moment he can do this vs with no damage, then the next if he tries the same thing, it's going to cause a tear. When he asked her to let him kill them when they were coming in the compound to rape and kill her sisters and she says NO. That made no sense at all. Just too much made no sense or wasn't explained clearly enough. So now they are together, but what exactly are the Strange and Ephemeral It wasn't a bad story.

So now they are together, but what exactly are they going to be doing with all their time? Sounds like he!!

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This one suffered from the point of view not making us feel what they felt. I just can't connect to this authors characters the way she writes them now. No passion, no heat. We get it to a better extent from the males, but not by much. The females just seem like these strange out of touch with reality creatures.

I may read a newest book to see if she figured out how to improve her character development and emotional pull before reading this older stuff. Now my last issue are the sex scenes. They could be hot except in almost every scene, the girl gets here, then the guy really gets going while she just lays there till he gets his. I feel for this author if this is her experience with guys.

A guy losing control is hot and should bring on another ummm, you know. A woman can have more then one! Anyway, I like her imaginations, but she needs some work. She leaves danglers all over the place in her stories. It's frustrating. How interestingly unique. Seraph is not a nice being.

Шутиха (Russian Edition)

I was hooked from the beginning. I will admit, I became lost during some parts of the book, and had to go back and re read slowly to try and keep up. More like this was so beyond the normal fantasy novel that my mind struggled to process those parts of the story.

This is a very very dark book. Not for the faint of heart. There are lots of dark violence and rape scenes.

May 22, book-faery rated it it was amazing. This book took a slight detour from the first book and has fantasy elements along with sci fi This book explains what happened to Allie's best friend Ophelia 8 years prior to the events in first book Last Call.

It is not what I would call a prequel even though the events in this book precede the events in Last Call. In my opinion Last Call needs to be read first since it better explains the breeder element in this book. It can stand alone but I think reading Last Call first would increase your enjoyment of this book. Do read all the books by Naomi Lucas you won't be disappointed Oct 25, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance. I think because NL needed to craft this story around the events of book 1, the logical everything was even less logical than usual?

Like Ophelia's compulsion to help Allie survive even at the risk of herself and everyone else was And made for some real head-scratching moments. I think reading the first book in the series will help, but it's still confusing. Not where I would recommend anyone start reading NL.

CW: rape and other forms of sexual assault, other violence, monsters. Seraph Oh, dark and twisted! I I loved it. Sarah and Ophelia are a not your typical pair.. Loved it!! Another great story, loved the characters and the storyline. Quite a few twists, can't wait to see more! Not my fav This wasn't my fav. It should have been a side book to the other cyborg series or a prior story. I was in the dark for most of the story.

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I did like Ophelia and thought she was a good character. This whole story was weird for me.


We choose dances that, we feel are appropriate to honour and celebrate the place and the time of year in a joyful and loving way. In mediaeval times people quite commonly danced in cathedrals and churches. Dance forms part of worship in other major world religions.


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There is currently a revival in Christian-based liturgical dancing: it has been taking place for many years for example in York Minster, Winchester and Liverpool Cathedrals. In tune with this idea we look for beautiful and sanctified spaces in which to dance, where the atmosphere is harmonious. Musicians accompany us, whenever they are available and sometimes we accompany ourselves with singing. The dances themselves are simple and accessible to people who have never danced before.

Each is fully explained. We also include a pilgrimage, making a deep connection with the place giving us a sense of where we are before we dance. We see pilgrimage as manifesting our love on a place and expressing this primarily through dance, love being the most healing thing there is. Every pilgrim leaves footprints of light love that others might follow.

We rely on dedicated circle dance teachers and musicians to keep this wonderful wheel turning and evolving.

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