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Badal, BJP top brass witness Modi's oath ceremony

Really Powerful ones like Paradoxical for example While others have better games against Shops OathStill, in my opinion, gets a decent game here by virtue of the extra blockers and lands in the form of Mishra's Factory and basic islands. I would love to have a discussion about how we see the various potential card choices from Oath, as they relate to the metagame overall, since my feeling, as I said, is that Oath doesn't usually drive the meta, but it's fluidity allows it to quite often prey on the metagame, if it can narrow it's sights accurately on what that metagame really is.

Does that seem worth doing? How are you playing a T1 oath without artifact mana? IMHO if you're not trying for the T1 oath then theirs no point playing the deck. At one point I ran an Oath deck with Standstill for a long time actually, almost a year and because of the Standstill I only ran 4 moxen and the Lotus. I was told again and again how mad that was, but it worked ok. Since then I play a lot more aggressive builds, and I will say, the few more percentage points of dropping that turn 1 Oath are really worth it.

Even without Orchard, you can trap so many decks. There are all sorts of lines that develop with moxen. Theres the two moxen hand with Oath against Shops, where you play non-Orchard land and mox, and say go, without playing Oath. And if they play the Revoker on your Mox, you just drop Oath. If I was also holding a Force, I would do that every time by the way Dack is great in Oath though.

So I would for sure run that. He's great because the most common problem is what to do when you get the fatties in your hand. Dack is nice, because you can toss a creature and hopefully pick up a more useful card. Brian Kelly also likes just casting the big creature Casting huge creatures is good The thinking is that you shore up the blue matches with a more business dense deck.

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Kind of like what delver did in the 4 gush era. After boarding, you will likely be crushed, since by carrying the Oath's and Creatures, you will never be able to touch how dense that Tempo blue deck is. So I would guess that they would be your worst matchup in fact. Not to mention that they would actually be running some Moxen.

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So you still get to lose to Baby Jace on turn 1, and you are kinda cut off from running JVP and snapcaster and because of Oath. I would also guess that lightening and slowing the mana base makes the Shops matchup worse I think this all is all a pretty good illustration of why Oath kinda wants to be in a big blue, or at least a heavy mana shell. Ramping up to just casting fatties is very real.

Casting turn 5 Gris after an early counter battle is quite possible. This seems like a rather odd limiter. Granted, the potential of a T1 Oath is scary and is one of the advantages of playing Oath, but why would T1 Oaths be the only reason to play the deck? There are plenty of legitimate reasons to do so which do not involve slamming the T1 Mox, Orchard, Oath opener. You'd essentially be taking on a xerox-style of filtering and racing through the deck, but I do think you should still play the off-colour moxen if you were to do this. Oath can also get some awkward draws, which this engine can try to fix by design.

You can potentially trim the other artifact mana when doing so. I don't think running 5 Moxen in addition to this engine will dilute it too much, however. I'l try it with 5 moxen.

It is worth noting here, that there is a diminishing return on additional Moxen when it comes to casting Oath early. Adding the first Moxen, increases it infinitely of course. So on By the time we have all the Moxen and the Lotus, and are adding things like Mana Crypt, we are only adding an additional 0. So not running the full jewelry isn't totally nuts. Not running any jewelry is actually nuts though. If you are running Oath and trying to be competitive, you really want to maximize the Game 1's you just steal on a busted draw. You really should be just taking down about 1 out of every 5 games on a nuts draw.

If your deck isn't doing that Framing the discussion as 5 Mox vs 0 Mox seems unnecessarily extreme to me. Cantrips are great, and cutting mana for cantrips is a tried and true option.

OATH Ammo vs Level III AR500 Armor

Don't think of things in terms of "4 Preordains means 0 Mox" I don't think there's any reason you can't build a functional Oath deck with 3 or 4 Mox. Vintage is pretty slow right now, a turn 2 Oath is still a good play a lot of the time. In and of itself, Dack Fayden is a great card, and non-creature advantage-generating permanents like Planeswalkers seem good to me in Oath in general.

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